Addressing the psychological and emotional impact of the COVID 19 pandemic for children, families, and healthcare staff

The impact of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic goes beyond the threat of infection and physical disease.  This evolving situation also has a psychological and emotional impact.

All children and families face disruption and changes to normal life.  Families with a child who has an existing health condition may have particular stressors and worries. 

Frontline healthcare staff are experiencing stressful, and often distressing, challenges in their work and professional roles – while they deal with disruptions in their personal life as well.

Our aim is to provide useful tools for healthcare staff and for families that can:

  • aid in understanding the stress and potential traumatic stress related to the pandemic, and
  • promote coping and resilience.

What you’ll find here:

Resources for children and families - Learn how to help your child cope, downloadable tipsheets, and additional resources. 

Resources for healthcare staff - Learn how stress of the pandemic impacts healthcare staff, how to build coping and resilience skills, and signs of secondary traumatic stress. 

COVID-19 Exposure and Family Impact Scale (CEFIS) – Brief measure of the impact of the COVID pandemic on families of children with pediatric health conditions. In English and Spanish, parent- and youth self-report versions.